Despite the rapid development of Internet technologies, ordinary paper greeting musical cards were, are and will be very popular. After all, they are real, they can be touched and they will not disappear if your computer breaks down. Studio online store TeleSmile presents you the evolution of postcards - music postcards. Unlike previous counterparts, TeleSmile music cards use more senses and their purpose is to strengthen human relationships.

REMEMBER - Not just words! Do you know that 80% of the information we hear? Only a voice can truly convey your emotions, mood and true depth of feelings! That is why we offer you postcards with a built-in sound module. Your favorite melody will be recorded on it or your voice, which will invite you to a celebration, congratulate you on a holiday, confess your love, ask for forgiveness, or simply say something pleasant.

MOST IMPORTANT, how does TeleSmile music cards differ from other cards?

1 Musical cards are made ONLY to order.

2 Each card can play an individual audio file.

Only sound can convey feelings and emotions. Musical cards will involve more sense organs, which not only increases the enthusiastic emotions from the gift, but also influences the strengthening of your relationship. We have developed a special music card design that allows the music chip to function properly, and also hides it, just like the engine is hidden under the hood of a car.

YOUR individual sound message is recorded in each TeleSmile postcard! The hand-made TeleSmile paper music greeting cards are a sophisticated, original gift solution for people with good taste who appreciate the exclusive. Handmade music cards are a truly spiritual gift that carries the warmth of human hands. Postcards TeleSmile is a new stage in the evolution of postcards. Our company is the largest producer of hand-made cards in St. Petersburg, with an integrated personal sound module.

These are not just paper postcards that gather dust on the shelf - this is a whole range of sensations that return you to those happy moments that are so pleasant to remember again and again. Visualization and touch - hand-made greeting cards from TeleSmile caress the eyes and ears, it is pleasant to take them in hand. Made by our artist-designers, they allow you to see the beautiful even in the most seemingly simple things that have become refined works of art. Music or a well-known voice - postcards with music, or with a voice recording you want to reveal more and more to hear again a memorable melody, or words of tenderness, spoken with the most sincere feelings.