My name is Yevgeny Zakharov, I am a former sailor, now a businessman.

I love my family and adore my work! From 2011 to the present, I develop the TeleSmile Talking Gift Workshop, in which I create and create handmade gifts with personal sound recording. 

You can find me on Instagram @zaharo8

Three factors that synergistically increase the enthusiastic emotions of joy when receiving a gift:

1 - The gift affects the vision. Vision is the most important organ of perception !!!

2- The gift affects the ear. SOUND - only through sound can you convey feelings and emotions!

3 - The gift affects the sensations. Sensations, kinesthetics - remember the feelings when you take a soft toy in your hands ...

Only with us you can order a gift with your sound, voice, music. Such a gift affects all human senses. In addition, a personalized gift means an exclusive one, made by special order, especially for you and for no other! Agree that such a personal approach - every person will appreciate!

What is TeleSmile?

TeleSmile) is a charge of positive, energy, good mood, joy, smiles, which are transmitted by teleportation through sound, voice music between friends, relatives, colleagues and simple neighbors and neighbors.

In the name of TeleSmile) we put a high conceptual meaning of our business. This is the cornerstone of our worldview. We preach an active communicative lifestyle and a tool for transmitting a positive from person to person is precisely TeleSmile) - a quantum particle of good mood.

What is TeleSmile for?

Sometimes, it is very difficult not only to pick up, but also to say words expressing your true attitude towards someone. Thanks to TeleSmile) you can easily:

1) Congratulate on your personal holidays: birthday, anniversary, wedding, birth of a child, purchase of a car, apartment, etc.

2) Congratulate with the calendar holidays: the day of knowledge, happy new year, March 8, etc.

3) Congratulate every day on Cool holidays and events: a new day, a new canoe, a Friday night, and so on.

What is the main slogan of TeleSmile?

The more positive in life, the brighter and warmer its colors and it is possible with a smile. A smile makes a person successful. A smiling man is much prettier than a gloomy one. Smiling people are very attracted and with such people want to communicate more, because you are charging with positive energy. And so nice to smile and see a smile to you.

 If you have a bad mood - smile and in a minute - the mood will improve. A smile is worth nothing, but it creates a lot! A smile is an investment that starts to generate income faster than any other investment: at the mental, at the public, at the social and even at the financial levels.

People devoid of feelings and emotions turn into robots, they do not care.
Life is like an existence, uninteresting and dull ...

Fortunately, a new sun has risen!
- Tele - telephone, teleportation, transmission.
- Smile - smile, positive, good mood.
Total TeleSmile is teleportation of smiles, transfer of positive emotions!

The mission of our company is to help people give love - make the world kinder and better!

Here you will find the most creative ideas and only positive emotions that will make your world brighter, more friendly and better. With the help of TeleSmile) you present to your friends and acquaintances your true LOVE and THANKSGIVENESS.
Thanks just for what they are in your life!

Who are we?
A community of people who love original gifts.
Our values ​​are friendship, love, family.

FRIENDSHIP– say “Do not have 100 rubles, and have 100 friends”, we fully support this statement. A gift is a great way to strengthen your friendly relationship!

LOVE - with the help of our gifts you can make a beautiful declaration of love or warm up a cooling relationship romantically.

FAMILY - we not only support family values, fatherhood and motherhood, but also

FOR harmonious family relationships.

Why do we need it? 
The more happy people, the better the world around us!

Why do you need it?
Make a memorable gift or holiday item! ) Surprise the birthday boy, as well as all the guests present with a talking gift.
Express your feelings of love and gratitude to the person, if only for the fact that he is in your life!

And then, still so nice, just SMILING!


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