The music box with its design and music is an original gift!

The music box with its design and music is an original gift!

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The music box is a beautiful and functional gift that always remains in sight - for many years it stores not only jewelry, but most importantly - the warmth of your relationship! Such a box usually stores money, bank cards, jewelry, jewelry, badges, business cards, paper clips, documents (passport, driver's license) and other trifles. At the same time, every time you open this box, you remember the one who gave it. As a bonus, you will hear when someone else opens the music box in the next room, but keep in mind that in the dark the music does not play in the box.

And also the feeling when you give something very personal ....



Sweets: Raphael, etc., chocolate, alcohol (mini bottles), honey, tea, coffee, a mixture of dried fruits, nuts, seeds. Cinema tickets, performance, ballet, exhibition, quest, travel. Money, discount, gift cards. Jewelry, bracelets, earrings, rings. The keys to the car, apartment, yacht, helicopter. Deck of cards. Cottager seeds. Vitamins

Accessories, glasses, gloves, socks, a T-shirt, a cap, a neckerchief, a bow-tie, a tie. Gadget, gadget accessory, case, headphones, clock, alarm clock, compass, Cosmetics, perfumes (soap, perfume), candles, razor. Car air freshener, work tool, detail from a big gift, a small souvenir, soft toy ..


Box Size: Diameter 90mm. height 120mm.

Material: Binding Cardboard, Iron Cover

Audio file up to 55 sec. *

* Battery life - more than 100 full auditions (battery replacement is not possible).

When placing an order, attach the files:

- photo size 120x300mm (no more than 1mb)

- select or attach an audio file (audio in any format up to 55 sec.)


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