You order the creation of an audio message. An audio clip that will sound from cards, boxes, toys

Price including points: 100
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We will help you create beautiful sound greetings for your talking gift.

Such a gift will be filled with emotions and feelings, and we will express all your love and care!

If a person is very dear to you, place an order and we will create an amazing personal work.

We will write poetry and sing a song with the voices of the winners of the Voice show.

The maximum audio duration is 55 seconds.

You need to place an order, pay for the order and send us a detailed task.

We will continue to act!


 0.5-5 business days


Var. 1 - attach files to this product (audio, photo, text in comments text)

Var. 2 - put all the information (audio, photo, text) in one archive and send the link in the comments to the product. Use Yanex for this. Drive, Google Drive or other file hosting

Var. 3 - place an order, receive a notification and send all files and a description by reply

Attention: we do not download audio from the Internet, we only work with sent files!


Buy or download an audio file on the Internet

Record your voice for free, create an audio clip using free plugins

Order a personalized song with us (place an order)

Order the creation of an audio clip with us (place an order)

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Choose, create, dare!

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